Welcome to the home of African thought leadership. Read on to find out what motivates us to do what we do. The future of Africa is on(the)line. 

What we do

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Onliris is an innovative digital PR and communications consultancy, which specialises in raising the profile of leading African talent in key international markets.

The services that we provide ensure that the reputation and influence of leading African personalities is enhanced through digital channels. Our bespoke online services, creatively planned, consistently branded and the diligently executed, combined with our insatiable thirst for online, help put leading African perspectives first in line in this rapidly digitising world.

As a result, we assist our clients in sharing their talent and voice with a wider transnational audience, as together we curate a new and more accurate story of Africa online through the voices of prominent and influential Africans.

Why we do it

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For far too long, Africa has had its narrative dictated by non-Africans, creating a skewed picture of Africa and her people outside the continent’s borders. Through the use of high-profile personalities, Africa’s image can change by demonstrating the intelligence, creativity, insights and achievements of leading Africans excelling in their respective walks of life.

Non-Africans, looking for an insight into a particular field can refer to people promoted as experts in that arena for a personal and authentic insight into the issues of the day through our clients.

Tomorrow’s world will belong to the youth of today and today’s youth are growing up in a digital world. As of now, young Africans both in Africa  and especially in the diaspora  are growing up in an online world where they follow Nicki Minaj's fashion trends, they know everything about Cristiano Ronaldo's life, they take leadership advice from Sir Richard Branson and they dote on every word Beyonce says. Meanwhile, there is a dearth of voice, opinion, leadership, trend-setting and knowledge coming from equally inspiring and influential African personalities who should also be impacting on this new generation.

Onliris is here to help create and give a platform to Africa's digital role-models, trendsetters, and thought leaders capable of appealing to and influencing both Africans and non-Africans alike.

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